Morris Gleitzman

Creative, Talented, Wonderful, Funny
Father of James and Sophie and husband of Mary-Anne
Loves James, Sophie and Mary-Anne
Who feels creative, inspired and excited when writing books
Who needs love, inspiration and excitement to help him keep writing books
Who gives great books to all of the world, love and inspiration
Who fears having no inspiring ideas, having nothing to write about and not being creative
Who would like to see his books being an inspiration to kids and helping them to write books
Who lives in a small suburb of Melbourne

The Grass

The Grass

Another year had past. I was 5, lying on the soft, silky green grass we had for front lawn. It wasn’t always like this though. We had many years unlike this one. It always used to be all rough but it has grown heaps and we’ve been waiting all year for it to be like this and now its like heaven but we have 3 days to dig it up because your not supposed have luxuries in 3rd world countries or you, your family and all your friends will be executed.image


Hi, my name is Bailey. I am twelve years old and I go to Kennington Primary School! I’m in sixth grade and I’m in Miss Jackson’s class. I would like to introduce you to my myself! I am very interested in sports such as Cricket, Soccer, Athletics and AFL. I really enjoy listening to Music and reading Books. Throughout this year I will be posting interesting things about my grade six year!
Do you have any simalar interests?

Hope you like my blog!!!